Good News Update: 3/15/2020

The ultimate throne in these trying times

  • “A Maryland Family Is Giving Away Free Toilet Paper To Anyone In Need.”
  • “As the novel coronavirus continues to spread around the U.S., Disneyland decided to shut down its parks as a precautionary measure. On Friday, the company announced its plans to donate all excess food from its resort while the park is closed.”
  • “Dallas café hires foster kids who have aged out of system.”
  • “Students raise over $30,000 to help homeless Wendy’s employee and his mother.”
  • “Rebecca Mehra helped an elderly couple get food when they were too scared to go into a crowded grocery store because of the Coronavirus outbreak –- proving that, even in dark times, kindness prevails.”
  • “Thousands Of Meals Meant For Arnold Sports Festival Will Instead Be Sent To Nashville To Feed First Responders.”
  • “Tugboat Crew Rescues Dog Floating On Block Of Ice In Middle Of Lake At Night”
  • “OPERATION VALENTINE: Some 70,000 cards sent to 104-year-old veteran.”
  • “Thailand helps sea turtle swim again with prosthetic flippers.”


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